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Basic golf gear that beginners will need to start playing

Being known as avid golfer amongst my friends and family has its advantages and downsides. Everyone thinks you’re some kind of golf guru and everyone comes to you for advice. While in reality, most golf players know what works for them and what doesn’t, and don’t give very good advice based on your requirements. I am guilty of this too – i know that a certain golf club or golf bag worked for me, so i assume it will be perfect fit for everyone, which is rarely the case. So instead of telling everyone what exact golf club to get, i decided to write a guide about choosing golf clubs for newbies and i will try to cover almost everything related to the topic. And will help you to make your own buying decisions, rather than going to someone else for advice.

If you’re total beginner, i recommend keeping it simple and just going with Callaway strata ultimate or other best-rated golf club sets out there. Reason for this is that in the beginning, your golf club set doesn’t really matter, since you’re practicing, failing and learning along the way. Even thousand dollar golf club sets won’t improve your game – practice and experience will. Plus, you don’t even known whether you want to play golf in the future or not – you might quickly get bored and quit, and even if you manage to sell your luxury golf club set, you’ll end up loosing several hundred dollars. If you aren’t concerned about money, go ahead, but for some of us getting the best for each dollar is main goal. With that in mind, i recommend Callaway’s golf club sets. They come with gorgeous bag and everything basic you need to start playing.

Another option for total newbies is to rent golf clubs from the local course. Some of them offer the service, while others don’t.

If you had some experience before, and are sure in your commitment to golf, you should consider getting individual golf clubs separately and making your set customized for you. Although buying single golf clubs at a time is more expensive than buying them all at once, bundled in golf club set.

So, after getting golf clubs out of the way, let’s talk other minor golf accessories that you might need. First and foremost, these should be golf umbrellas, golf gloves and balls. Umbrellas and gloves aren’t absolutely necessary, but considering their price and value, i highly recommend getting both. Especially if you live in a region where rains are frequent. Golf gloves will also protect your hand from blisters and such, so for such a low price, getting one is a no-brainer.

And lastly, you’ll obviously need golf balls to hit. These can also be bought on your golf course, but if you can’t, you can always order affordable golf ball 12 pack from Amazon for about ten dollars. It doesn’t really save a lot of money, but you can also get used balls for less.

History of golf in Canada – From 15 to 21th Century

Canada is like a dreamland for golfers. Because of it’s vast landscape, country does not lack golf courses, and fortunately for us, Canadian golfers, they are all well maintained. But it was not always like that. With this post, i want to tell a quick historical summary of how golf happened to become one of the most beloved sports of Canada.

Just like in other parts of the world, golf in canada was introduced by british, more specifically, by Scottsmen who settled in Nova scotia in 18 and 19th centuries. We see the First mention of golf as a mainstream sport in the newspapers published in 1820s, report reads that local scottsmen are organizing golf tournament and invite everyone to join. We do not exactly go how first Canadian golfing event went, but considering how popular golf is now, it must not have been boring.

From there, Nova Scotia, golf has quickly spread to other east coast provinces, mainly in Quebeck, and from there, it must have gone mainstream all across the country. The fact that golf was gaining popularity in US provinces like Michigan and Minnesota must have helped too, because of close neighborhood and mix of the cultures.

So golf was slowly gaining popularity, but it still had a long way to go to reach the level of popularity it is at now. By the end of 19th century, first oficcial golf associations started to appear and first professional golf courses were opened. At the same time, players started improving golf clubs and defining clear rules for the game. It was about the time when specific golf slang started to form as well. But it was not until 1890s when golf really took off and became one of the most popular sports in the country, of course, following hockey.

On the other hand, it is worth to be noted that Canada was first one in North America to introduce golf clubs for women and hold tournaments for them. It might be because of tolerant culture, but it might also have a lot to do with higher interest of the sport which is still very prominent in Canadian women. In fact, one might even argue that most prominent womens golf clubs are currently made in Canada.

Unfortunately, because of two bloody wars in the 20th century, male golfers’ population went through major decline, which caused golf industry to take a hit too. But after the 50s and 60s, it came back more popular than ever and golf claimed back it’s title of one of the most popular sports of big white north.

Note that i am not golf history expert by any means, so i might have left some stuff out and i might be mistaken about few details. I wanted to tell magnificient story of Canadian golfing because of golf’s decrease in popularity in our country.  I think it’s very important to realize that golf is part of Canadian culture and we should preserve it.