Are golf club brands any good?

Discussion of golf brands and their value have been ongoing for a long time in the golf community. You have some of these biggest golf names on the market – Adams, TaylorMade, Callaway, Nike, Cobra, Ping and others, who collectively spend massive amounts of money on marketing their brands, but whether they are actually worth the extra money or not is the topic of discussion among me and my friends. Some of them think that golf club brands have essentially no value, and they just live off expensive endorsement deals that trick people into thinking that their clubs much superior to other brands or unbranded products. While some of others, including me, think that brands do provide value, they do a lot of research to make golf clubs perfect for everyone – beginners, experienced or mediocre golfers. But i still think they’re over rated – but in a different, Rollex kind of way. What i mean is, people like to show off on golf course – and playing with expensive, luxurious or rare golf clubs is sign of status and boosts their confidence. Which i think is wrong in every way, because in my opinion, luxurious products are overrated. They will never bring you the pleasure and confidence that you expect, and while you might lie to yourself and even tell your friends about this amazing thousand dollar golf driver that you just got, but deep down everyone knows they’re waste of money. Seniors, who are retired and have a lot of money, are usually inclined to paying thousands for the luxurious clubs of senior golfers.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that all golf brands are the same.  They do have the differences, and very substantial ones. But you have to try them all before you find your fit. I suggest going to your local golf store, and hitting golf ball with all golf clubs you can get your hands on, even the cheap unbranded clubs that everyone looks down on. You never know which one will fit your handicap and experience the most, so the more you try, the higher your chances are to hit that jackpot and discover a golf club that will take a place in your set for years to come.

And i suggest you don’t look at what brand of golf clubs you’re hitting. It will make you more resistable to billion dollar marketing campaigns that each of top golf brands have been funding to get their name associated with quality in your brain. Hit the clubs anonymously, and rank them depending on how well they’ve felt in your hands, not depending on which brand is going to amaze your golfing buddies the most.

Of course, there are other features and characteristics of a golf club that you should consider reviewing, but this is how i choose the clubs i want.

There are more to picking golf clubs though – especially if you’re beginner, it’s very complicated process. Your handicap, experience, loft, material, price – all play important role in choosing nicest pick for your golfing adventures. There is no perfect golf club that works for everyone, you must try them out one by one individually and determine their compatibility with your playing style.

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